Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time flies when you're all work and no play...

I looked at my calendar this morning, stopped, and then reeeeeaally looked at it.  It has been eight months since my last confession, and for that I am sorry.  There has been no doll activity at the Riddy household in ages, due to school and work colliding with each other to form a "needs attention" tsunami on my head.  Yes, I'm caffeinated, why do you ask?

Anywhoozle, the point of the blah de blah is to publicly state to a completely anonymous internet that will never hold me accountable for anything, that I solemnly vow to spend more time with my dolly children, while still making time for new kitty child.  I wonder if I can get the dollies cowfolk outfits and get some riding shots in?  Or use their fantasy gear and have a giant cat beast scenario?  Meh, time will tell.

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