Friday, May 25, 2012

We Belong to the Night (Gown)

So I started this nightgown project as a simple alternative to starting my pajamas and teddy bear project (which has been postponed due to lack of suitable fuzzy fabric).  Also, it will be summer soon, and the last thing we need is for my doll to overheat.  Finally, I don't know the effect of flannel on heavily body-blushed resin.

Anyway.... nightgown.  I cut out a gigantic (for her) size piece of powder pink cloth for the front and back, and stitched them up the sides.  I then folded the whole thing down the middle and cut out armholes and a huge sloping neck opening.  My first little sleeves appear to be a success, despite accidentally sewing them inside the nightgown at first, and I was able to figure out how to sew the teeny tiny stitches connecting the pieces.

The problem arrived, however, with embroidering the nightgown.  To date, I have never sewn a nightgown without at least a few embroidered designs;  I was not prepared for this, though.

AAARGH!!!! If only I hadn't insisted on freehand!
Self, for future reference, PLEASE embroider the pieces before sewing!  It will be much easier and the designs will be more elaborate!  I thought I had forgotten all of my embroidery skills until I realized the scale problems.  I looked like the "Coulda Had a V8" guy for a while at home, absorbing my idiocy at stitching after sewing.

Sigh.  I would say "Never Again!" but that would make me a liar.  Next week:  socks and shoes! (Probably?  Possibly....)

Sigh, another month barefoot...

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