Friday, May 18, 2012

Looking Faaabulous, Dahling!

It is rather a shameful thing to report, but...  I went to Target and bought a ready-made doll dress as my girl's first outfit.  Before the condemnation begins, I just want to point out that it was a sparkly sari, with a belt and a head jewel, and she came with a tray, two tiny purple tea mugs and a tea pot shaped like a pink and gold elephant.  In other words, destiny drew me to this outfit.  There was Assamese writing on the back, as this was the "Indian" doll in the Hearts for Hearts Girls collection.  I had fun not telling my mom it was Assamese and not Bangla, and watching her read it. =)  Anyway, let's hear it for actual clothing!  Minifee girl just looked warmer.

Despite the prank, Mom finally took pity on me and decided to lend me her great honking Scissors of Death, aka tailor's shears.  The dress-in-progress was finished in relatively no time, and now Mini has a cute little sundress!

I think I'll name her Nena, she seems to approve... and who am I to refute the opinions of a doll?  As long as she's happy.  I think the name suits her, until her next personality change in a year or so.

Now that her sundress is finally complete (took forever because of my idiotic tendency to embroider partway through a project), I spent a bit of time making a nightgown and am now working on some pajamas, because a girl needs options.  I still have the material for her shoes just sitting on the desk, beckoning me from their isolated corner of neglect...  They will eventually match the sundress, though I've gotten as far as purchasing the materials and putting them in a bag.  Sigh.  Shoes, the Final Frontier.

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  1. Nena sounds like a great name, and quite unique as far as I know! I am surprised there are generic doll clothes that fit a Minifee though!